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There are all sorts of reason why people start thinking about Christianity. Perhaps you’ve had some thoughtful conversations with a Christian friend. Perhaps there are things happening in your life (welcome or unwelcome) which are causing you to reconsider what life is all about. Perhaps you realise that you have never thought things through for yourself. Sadly the reality is that many people dismiss it without giving it more than a moment’s thought and find it difficult to articulate what it is they have rejected. 

Different people prefer to learn in different ways, so we offer several different courses throughout the year for people wanting to find out more.

Any Questions? is for people with questions to ask about Christianity.

The World We All Want is for people who are interested in discovering the message of the Bible.

The King Has Come is for those who want to know more about Jesus and why what he said matters as much today as it has ever done. 

Essentials is a great video resource that highlight the essentials of Jesus’ message.

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